Happy Birthday Aunt Heath

Today is Heath's 30th birthday!!!  She's been busy working all week on a deadline, but we're going to make sure to spoil and celebrate her this weekend.  She and my mom both share early July birthdays so the 4th of July has turned into a birthday celebration for our family which I love. 
When Heath isn't busy working, traveling, cooking, hanging out with friends and Andy, she's usually playing with Virginia.  Virginia loves her aunt "heappie" more than anything - she seriously is Virginia's best little friend and Virginia lights up at the sight of her.  Those who know Heath well know how truly wonderful she is.  I couldn't dream of having a better friend or sister and hope Virginia gets to experience the same bond one day.  I count this blessing every night and hope that our sweet Heath has the best 30th ever!!!!!  Cheers to a wonderful 30 years, and cheers to celebrating in Italy on your 40th! We love you Aunt Heappie!!!!
~All of us!

Clare V Inspiration No3

Next up in the Clare V Inspiration File is this absolutely perfect all black look!  I personally think this look may be more up my alley in the fall, but regardless, I love it and it's worth saving this image for future.  It seems so effortless and chic at the same time.

To pull off a similar look, I'd go with classic black toothpick jeans (my version wouldn't have a tear, I'm sure the torn look is cool, but it's just not me), a slouchy black (sweatshirt!) tunic, black strappy heels and Clare V's perfect leopard clutch. 

Most of the look is fairly attainable (price wise!) but Clare's leopard clutch's is really a splurge.  But it is such a classic and it's often included on Shopbop's big sales.  Matine often has a similar, gorgeous version and here's another less expensive option too. 

Image via Clare V's Instagram

Lonny Love

I feel like every now and then (more often than in most print magazines) Lonny Magazine features a home tour that I just love!  There are so many things about this Chicago apartment designed by Summer Thornton that are really so good.  Some of my favorites - that painted navy fireplace (totally want to copy this!), that built in dining nook, those Chippendale dining chairs and that kitchen!!  Those black shelves and that French blue stove - I'm really obsessed!

See more here!

~Mary Keller

all images via Lonny

Around Here

margaritas and gauc with friends | sweet Virginia and her new favorite toy | date night selfie | martinis and steaks

Happy Monday guys!  Thanks goodness it's a short week!  I'm seriously so excited for the 4th of July long weekend!  J.D. and I went to Atlanta for the night over the weekend to visit best friends.  It was a short visit - but so much fun!  Our friends are expecting a baby boy, plus they just bought a new house (cutest house ever!) so we had lots to celebrate.  Our visit made me miss Atlanta.

My mom and Heath were sweet enough to watch Virginia - a girls weekend slumber party!  We took Virginia with us to Greenville on our way to Atlanta so she got to visit with my parents and grandparents for the day.  She stripped her clothes and had the best time with their watering can, her new favorite toy.  She's still talking about her "Tata" and grinning when we mention (great) Granddaddy so I think she enjoyed herself.

A good weekend, and now just a few short days before we can relax again.  Heath and my mom both have early July birthdays so we'll have more to celebrate this weekend too!!  Hope everyone has a good week!

~Mary Keller

Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys! This week was a quick one but I'm looking forward to the weekend more than ever . MK and JD are off to Atlanta to visit some friends which means I get lots of Virginia time. I can't wait - that girl is growing up too fast for me to keep up so I'm soaking up every minute when I can.

A few things we found this week...

ONE | Loved this post MK bookmarked on Camille Styles this week. I'm not quite the entertainer MK is, but I love trying new recipes and these Middle Eastern ones sound amazingly similar to the Turkish food we feel in love with last year.

TWO | I found Little Mustard Seed via Lulie Wallace's instagram and I'm completely hooked. I'm now dying to have a print of my grandmother's house where Andy and I were married. Also the perfect gift for a first home!

THREE | I found a cool new-to-me site, Daily Overview. It's full of overhead shots all across the world. I discovered it recently via Design Sponge and it fulfills the inner child in me that still stares out airplane windows and is fascinated by our earth constantly!

FOUR | I love this post on tips for a healthy happy home. I'm a big believer in #1 - "nothing is too precious to use". Andy and I regularly have cocktails in our "nice glasses" and make a point to use our wedding china regularly. Otherwise I see no reason to store it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

- Heath

Summer Shade

A few weeks ago I posted about my swim style and included a few images of girls wearing hats. Since then, I've been thinking about adding a hat to my summer staples to wear at the beach, pool and even the park. They're so easy to throw on when your hair isn't looking the best and bonus points for protecting your face from the sun!

I have something similar to this and wear it every summer at the beach, it's really the easiest way to add some fun to any outfit. I'm thinking this may be a perfect birthday treat too! I'm a huge fan of hats but not everyone is into them, what about you guys?

- Heath

image one, two and three

Let's Chat | Worth the Splurge?

Often when I reading blogs (including my own!) I find some much stuff that people say is "worth the splurge."  Expensive jeans, an all natural face moisturizer, a piece of art, and so on that are "worth the splurge."  Heath and I are very guilty of this - don't get me wrong.  I take the buy-one-nice-thing-to keep-forever thing very seriously (see Starting a Collection, Stack Rings, Forever Pieces, French Five, etc.)  I just can't help it!  BUT, that mentality can get you in trouble, and you can't splurge on everything in life or you have no money to splurge on the stuff that matters to you. 

So, I'm curious, what is the splurge stuff that matters to you, and where can you take a pass? 

For me personally, Worth The Splurge...