Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys! Hope everyone had a good week! MK is in the Hamptons this weekend for a girls weekend and I am very very very jealous. Doesn't that sounds wonderful?! Andy and I have a low key weekend of food truck Friday and maybe a anniversary dinner here. Any Charlotte folks been? I've heard wonderful things, but it's so hard to drag me out of my little city bubble!

JD's parents are in town visiting/helping out with Virginia while MK is away. I'm sure V will be in heaven with all the attention and love from her grandparents!

A few findings to get your weekend started...

ONE | This asparagus pasta dish from Fresh Exchange sounds like the perfect spring dish. I'm looking forward to some dinners al fresco, it really is my favorite time of the year. Megan recommends serving it with a rose which reminded me I haven't had any yet. Now a must for this weekend! 

TWO | It's official I've become obsessed with lighting! How cool is this chandelier in Sally King Benedict's home featured on Lark and Linen? Her entire home is beautiful but this chandelier stopped me in my tracks. 

THREE | I'm sure it's no surprise, I love a good sister duo so I love the My Sister My Sidekick series on Say Yes! The latest with the sisters behind the brand Sonnet James is no exception. What a cool brand - one sister behind the design, one behind the lens and their sister in law modeling the clothing. Isn't that awesome?!
FOUR | Victoria talked about the never ending quest for work/life balance this week. I always find it interesting how people manage their day to day lives. I think it's the absolute hardest balance to find no matter your profession! And bonus - the post is a link up so click through to learn how lots of others juggle the two as well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

- Heath

Work Uniform

Have you guys read this article "Why I wear the same thing to work everyday"? I originally found it through Cup of Jo and have since read every version of the article there is, I'm obsessed! Female art director, Matilda Kahl, got feed up with being late and/or frazzled getting dressed and arriving to work daily. So she decided to eliminate that stress from her day and decided she would develop a work uniform. She wears the same black pants, white silk shirt, a personal memento - a black leather rosette - around her neck daily.

Ironically I was just speaking with some coworkers about work uniforms. After a women I work with asked me in a stressful moment if she was accidentally wearing the same thing she wore on a few days earlier, a male coworker told us he wears the same 4 shirts every Monday through Thursday. I've been working with this guy for a year now and NEVER noticed this! Fast forward a week or so and I read this article - I think the universe is telling me to develop a work uniform.

MK mentioned "I think hair and makeup become more important when you wear the same thing everyday. Otherwise you become a boring hag. A new fresh lipstick, keeping your hair cut and style up to date are key here". I couldn't agree more! She also mentioned that she has somewhat of a work rotation, which is kind of a meet in the middle option, black skinny pants and a few tops she wears weekly. This may be a good way to ease into this uniform or may work even better for some people if one shirt is too boring.

Also, I won't lie, a major reason this is appealing to me is because a work uniform would allow me to shop for my work wardrobe only once a year and then think about fun clothing at all other times. I typically try to buy clothes that fit the bill for work and play but in all honesty it just makes me land on more traditional (read boring!) play clothes because my work is so conservative. In some situations this works and is an awesome option but in my case, my work is much more conservative than my taste outside the office which makes it difficult!

As noted by Matilda, this process allows you to find a uniform that is quintessentially you. You can see her work uniform, pictured above, is far from boring but still professional and appropriate for any office! I think I just might do it!

What do you think? Would you wear a work uniform?

- Heath

Image via Harpers Bazaar

Photo Diary | Pittsburgh

A few weeks ago we (MK, JD, Andy and I) took a road trip to Pittsburgh for a good friends wedding. We had the best time, and even joked with the bride about all moving back to her hometown with her! I've included a few pictures from our trip below if you're interested...

The Mt. Washington Incline - a Pittsburgh must! We almost skipped this and were all glad we didn't! Our Uber driver all but demanded we do it and took us to the Monongahela incline pictured above. The views were gorgeous overlooking the downtown area and it really gave you a feel for the city as a whole. If you're headed there anytime soon there is also the Duquesne incline. It takes you up the mountain in front of the point so depending on the view you're looking for it may be a better option.

View on top of Mt. Washington, across the Monongahela river, looking at Pittsburgh.  MK already mentioned how cool the entrance to the city is but this is why this occurs - you're driving through this mountain to get into Pittsburgh.

You guys this picture cracks me up! We had NO clue until the moment we walked out on to this observation deck, MK is super afraid of heights! She would not go beyond this point until we forced her backwards for a group selfie. She was frozen - too funny!

Fun fact - Pittsburgh, the city of bridges, is located at the point of three rivers (hence the old baseball stadium) the Monongahela, Ohio and Allegheny. You can see the point here on the left and across from that, Heinz field and the newish PNC park behind the buildings. So cool!

We stayed at the William Penn hotel and would definitely recommend it. I'm not a hotel person, usually whatever is cheapest is fine with me, but this hotel was impressive from the historic building and gorgeous ceilings, to the convenient location and huge room, just perfect! 

We really enjoyed the mix of architecture throughout the city. The modern skyscrapers mixed with historic buildings and churches made for a gorgeous city.

Friday evening we ventured to the strip district for dinner at Kaya and a welcome party afterwards at Bar Marco. Both were wonderful! We returned to this cool area on Saturday to check it out during the day as well. The area once used for various steel mills now is covered with small vendors and markets on Saturdays. It was so lively and the perfect place to spend a Saturday.

Another Uber diver recommended this place, The Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, and guys it was awesome! For Italy/food lovers we were in heaven. We spend a good bit of time walking through the aisles and had good intentions of stopping by before leaving town but never made it back. Definitely put it on your list if you're in this area. 

We took full advantage of our short time here and fit lots in our day, including a stop at the famous Primate Bros original location in the Strip district. We all split their famous sandwich topped with fries and slaw! 

A quick stop by PNC Park located right along the Allegheny river and brunch at Meat and Potatoes and we were off to the beautiful wedding. 

Two things I realized from this quick weekend. One -  you can do a lot in short amount of time. We arrived around 7pm on Friday and every single photo here was taken on a Saturday packed full of fun. We were out of there early Sunday morning and back home in time for Masters coverage! Two - underrated/smaller cities are where it's at! I have no clue how long it would have taken me to get to Pittsburgh if not for this weekend, but I cannot express how great of a city it was. It definitely made me take a second look at so many lower profile cities in the future! 

Update - I forgot to mention this originally but I want to point out that Pittsburgh is a very proud city! I knew that going into this weekend as both of my friends from this area really love their hometown but after visiting it all really clicked for me. Everywhere you go people love Pittsburgh! Even the cab/Uber drivers, I swear they need to be paid by the tourism board because they spoke so highly of the city, made great recommendations and were overall just awesome. Such a great quality in a city don't you think?!

Thanks of having us in your hometown Missy, we all clearly loved it!

- Heath

What Mama Wants!

We don't really do Mother's Day gifts around here - we're not really big gift people - but I pulled together a fun little list if I were to do a little day dreaming...

No1 | A Floral Blue Tablecloth - Perfect for me to try to actually live out all my beautiful dinner party and lingering family lunch dreams.

No2 | The most adorable Custom Cutout Paper Silhouette of Virginia to add to the kitchen, or anywhere in the house for that matter.

No3 | A sweet brass planter to add as an accessory in the progressing bedroom renovation.

No4 | Ina Garten's newest cookbook - Make It Ahead.  It's hard to believe that as obsessed with Ina as I am, I still don't have her latest cookbook.  It really isn't even that new anymore!

No5 | Anna Spiro's Absolutely Beautiful Things - I've included this on a wishlist before and for good reason.  It looks perfect and would have so much interior inspiration.

No6 | A Delicate Gold Heart Ring to layer with other rings and wear daily as a reminder of my girl.  I don't have or wear many rings.  This one looks pretty feminine and perfect to me.

Do you guys give/receive Mother's Day gifts?  Anything special on your list?  Truthfully, all I want for Mother's Day is a relaxing morning with a cup of coffee, maybe a stack of pancakes and no chores or errands for the day.  Just a day spent wandering around our neighborhood - a walk, park, breakfast out, etc.  Nothing fancy, just a nice lazy at home day with family!  Happy (almost) Mother's Day to all the mama's in my life!

~Mary Keller

Around Here

Andy's steak birthday dinner | with homemade onion rings! | Saturday biking the Greenway | birthday boy | more homemade goodness - salty pretzels | Virginia stealing Aunt Heath's change purse | V perusing Aunt Heath's makeup | Virginia trying to talk Aunt Heath and Uncle Andy into going "night night" with her!
Happy Monday guys!  Why can't we just have one more day!  It was a good (crazy rainy!) weekend.  Friday night Heath and Andy celebrated Andy's birthday with steak and homemade onion rings.  J.D., Virginia and I had a nice, cozy pizza night in.  Saturday we managed to do some productive things around the house, went for a long family bike ride along the Greenway and then met Heath & Andy at Triple C where Virginia emptied Heath's purse, tried on all her make up, and tried to make friends with a baby and standard poodle.  It was a nice afternoon!
Sunday was rain, rain and more rain.  Heath and Andy decided they wanted to cook a German feast and brought over the fruits of their labor - super delicious salty, homemade pretzels, vinegary potato salad and smoked pork and brats!  It was super yummy and even V gobbled it up!  Virginia of course didn't want Heath and Andy to leave.  She even tried to make them laydown to go night-night with her when she got tired.  :)  Sweet girl.  Hope everyone else had a good one too!
~Mary Keller

Tassel Obsession

One of the trends I'm really on board with this spring are the tassels I'm seeing everywhere.  I'm thinking I want them to make their way into my wardrobe pronto!  Heath's rounded up a few favorites ranging from a go-to favorite spot, a few that are the ultimate dream and a few from a favorite French source.  Anyone else loving playful tassels?

No1 | No2 | No3| No4 | No5 | No6 | No7 (on sale!) | No8 | No9

~Mary Keller

Clare V Inspiration No2

Next up in the Clare V Inspiration file is this shot of Clare V's Santa Monica store manager!  Love this classic, no frills looks, or as Heath said when she sent it to me "I just love every bit of it."

To pull off a similar look - a simple Everlane classic white T, classic boyfriend-ish Levi jeans,
Clare V's perfect leather Agnes Backpack and this now-I-think-I-may-need Felt Panama Hat.  Or, here's a less expensive version of the hat too.

~Mary Keller

image via Shop Clare V Instagram