House Envy | California Solarium

Guys this has to be the coolest house that I came across on Domaine.  It's completely out of my norm and different from what I'd typically love in a home, but I'm loving this Spanish style house in California.  The house belongs to Andrea Stanford, VP of Merchandising for designer and vintage sales for One Kings Lane, so you know it's go to be full of really interesting, unique pieces.  The house is centered around a huge solarium (so cool!!) and it is "colorful and casual" and family friendly.  See more below and find the feature on One Kings Lane here.

I've always loved color and pattern, but this house and our trip to Istanbul are making me want to add even more patterns and layers to our home.  What do you think?  Do you think this whole Moroccan vibe that we're seeing everywhere is just a trend?? or do you love it?!  I showed this house to J.D., and he asked me if I thought solariums were expensive.  Yes, probably so, but I like the way he thinks!  Wish we could find our own cool solarium here in Charlotte. :)

~Mary Keller

All photos by Nicole LaMotte for One Kings Lane

Around Here

my favorite coffee spot in Charleston | so excited to babysit this little lady Sunday night
a beautiful day on King Street | margaritas and tacos at Bakersfield
little cutie waving to everyone on the walk to Bakersfield | Charleston walks just never get old
cabbage pancake at Xiao Bao Biscuit - unreal! | dinner at Hank's(sadly our only photo of all of us)

Happy Friday

Happy Friday guys!  This week I was on the road a lot and my body can tell it's time for a weekend!  Heath and Andy have headed off to Charleston this weekend to visit Andy's sister.  Andy's sister is so much fun so I know they'll have a blast, plus it seems like an awesome restaurant opens every other week in Charleston so I'm sure they'll have no shortage of things to do.

Artist Spotlight | Catherine Jones

I think one of my favorite things about Instagram is coming across so many different creative people doing cool things.  I don't know where we "found" Catherine Jones, but I'm glad we did because I'm loving all of her work.  (Heath seems to always discover cool brands, artists and start ups.)  Catherine's a Birmingham based artist and even though we're Tennessee girls and she's an Alabama fan, we can't get enough of what she's doing lately.  She does everything from really bold abstracts to simple black and white silhouettes.  Everything is really lovely, and I think well priced for original art at the sizes she's creating.  I especially love these pieces on the tan linen.  A few more of her pieces below.

Photo Diary | Munich

On our way home from Istanbul, Andy and I took a quick, like 23 hours quick, stop in Munich, Germany.  To be honest with you, we thought we'd stop there and get our fix and never need to give Munich a true visit.  Not because we didn't think we'd enjoy it but there are just too many places to see.  We were wrong!  It was wonderful and I've included some pictures below if you're interested.

Real Life Southern Porches | Olivia Brock

If you guys haven't seen Olivia Brock of Lacquered Life's perfect front porch floating around other places like, you know, Southern Living, then you're in for a real treat.  Yes, her porch is Southern Living worthy, and if she hadn't been so darn sweet when we reached out to her about sharing her porch, we'd probably be jealous of her!  I didn't know real life people got to live in those gorgeous old Charleston homes with perfect long porches, but this lucky lady does.  Check out all of the details that make her porch so perfect, plus her recipe for a perfect porch Southside Cocktail below!

Thanks Olivia for sharing your perfect porch with us, and can't wait to try this cocktail.  Olivia says her husband's a pro a with this drink, and he recommends you strain the lemon and lime juice mixture to remove any pulp and ideally let the mix sit overnight.  It sounds delish!  Now that temps are cooling off in Charleston, we bet you'll be logging lots of evenings out on your porch this fall!  Next time we're in Charleston riding bikes in your beautiful neighborhood playing tourist, we'll stop by for a homemade Southside!

~Mary Keller

p.s. Chassity Evan's Real Life Southern Porch here.

Around Here

Heath's new rug from Turkey | my sweet Virginia nervous at the doctor's office, poor thing | we made up for the doctors visit with ice cream | got the front porch swing hung! | new turkish towels, actually from Turkey | Sunday night fish tacos, forgot how delicious & easy they are, seriously try them! | the backyard, prepped and ready for landscaping | a blurry pic of Virginia, always scooting away from me and moving these days, not crawling but a super fast little scooter
Happy Monday guys, and hope everyone had a good weekend!  This weekend was a good one.  We somehow managed to do a lot of fun stuff, but it felt relaxing too.  Lots of not pictured good stuff this weekend - we walked to Greek Fest Friday night for takeout, surprised my childhood best friend for a little girl time and wine at Bonterra Saturday and then attended our couples steak club that evening.  Sunday, we got to meet our friends' sweet one month old and walk to Greek Fest for takeout again.  Greek takeout twice in one weekend, plus a Tennessee and Panthers win, all in all a really good weekend!
Hope everyone has a good week!
~Mary Keller