Cocktail Testing | Jack Rudy Tonic

This past weekend we imposed on MK and JD (again!) on Saturday night.  We brought our standard wine and goodies but this time we also brought some Jack Rudy tonic for everyone to try too!  I know we're super late to the game on this but I was hesitant at first... I'm anti tonic in general, so it wasn't even appealing to me at first.  Once I read a little more about it and discovered it's crafted in small batches in Charleston, SC with a "delicate mix of botanicals and sweetened with real cane sugar" complimenting the otherwise perfect quinine concentrate, I thought it just may be worth a try.

You guys you could convert a non tonic drinker (or a non gin drinker!) with this stuff.  I doubt I'll fully convert to a gin and tonic being my standard (gin and soda has to be the most underrated cocktail!) but it's fun to spice up the norm every now and then and this has just the right amount of oomph to give your drink a little something extra. 

We followed this recipe from the bottle: 

2 oz your favorite gin
.75 oz Jack Rudy tonic
4 to 5oz soda water

Fill glass with ice, gin, tonic, top with soda water.

We garnished ours with a fresh lime and would recommend a little heavier pour but our cocktail glass may have been a little larger.   

My favorite part of all is this tonic is a concentrate not actual tonic water.  So not only does it have a longer shelf life once opened but you're able to make it as strong or as weak as you'd like depending on the cocktail.  It's perfect for a hostess gift, or to just pull out for a few friends to enjoy too.  I think I'm going to like having this stuff on hand and I think I'm going to try the Elder Sage next, yumm!

- Heath 

PS Another fun White Whale mixer too!

PPS Please excuse the Tennessee shot glass, the Costas are receiving a jigger in their stocking this year :)

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Happy Monday guys!  This weekend flew by, especially with us making the shortest trip ever down to Charleston.  Virginia was a doll and happily smiled as she was having her picture taken, even though it was so, so HOT.  After pictures, we went to nearby Park Café for an early lunch, and luckily we had the place to ourselves so I didn't have to worry about who Virginia may be annoying. :)  After lunch, we made a quick stop at Jeni's Splended Ice Creams for a few cones and then hit the road.  So good!  Heath & Andy were sweet and had dinner and drinks ready for us when we got home.  We did a little recipe and taste testing (more to come!) and had a nice night of grilled chicken and drinks on the porch.  (It's hard to beat a homey, delicious chicken, don't you think?)

Hope everyone has a great week! 
~Mary Keller

Happy Friday


Happy Friday friends!  We made it to the weekend!  Today will be a short day because J.D., Virginia and I are throwing a few things in a bag and hitting the road for the shortest ever trip to Charleston.  We won't even be there 24 hours, but that's okay.  We're having Virginia's picture taken by the insanely talented Olivia Rae James, and I couldn't be more excited.  Worth the trip, and that's saying a lot when a trip involves a baby.  We are literally driving to town and having her pictures made, then grabbing lunch and heading home.  I'm hoping I can talk J.D. into trying Leon's or The Park Café because they look delish!  (I'd really like to talk J.D. into letting us get ice cream at Jeni's too, but that may be pushing it.)  Have a good weekend friends and we'll see you Monday!

~Mary Keller

Image via Park Cafe

Entertaining Trick No 1 | Make Ahead

We're starting a new little series on entertaining tricks and tips and hopefully we'll have some ideas to share that make entertaining seem more doable.  The first one is so extremely obvious that it's not exactly post worthy, but I feel like it wouldn't be a proper series without including the most important trick in the book - Make Food Ahead of Time, seriously, make just about everything ahead of time and you'll thank yourself while entertaining.  My mom's done this for years and now it's now second nature....

Birthday Bag

So if you guys couldn't already tell from this and this post I'm obsessed with Clare Vivier. I think I've told Andy and MK multiple times that I think she can do no wrong. I would wear every single piece she creates!

Perfect Parties | Bastille Day

So Tara Guerard's Bastille Day Party that was just featured in Lonny definitely goes on the list of parties of my dreams.  Perfect Charleston garden location, adorable little baguettes at every place settings, celebratory sparklers at send off, and delicious looking cocktails.  Seriously, if you didn't see it, it was absolutely stunning.

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Happy Monday guys, hope you enjoyed your weekend...