Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys! Man the weeks are flying by these days aren’t they?! I did a quick count yesterday and realized Thanksgiving is only 5 weeks away, crazy! We don’t have much on our agenda this weekend other than testing some new recipes which actually is a version of Andy and my perfect weekend so I’m pretty excited. I’m sure we’ll mix in a long run and a lot of kisses from Virginia but otherwise keep it pretty low key. What are you guys up to this weekend?

A few findings before we start the weekend… 

ONE: I’ve talked about Sezane before but today I have great news! They collaborated with Madewell to create a capsule collection sold stateside at Madewell right now. I have a feeling things are going to go fast so if you have your eye on anything(maybe these booties like me?!) I probably wouldn’t hesitate.

TWO: I loved this quick read on stocking a fall bar. To me cocktails seem tricky this time of year because fall flavors go beyond a little citrus and fresh fruit like summer but this list has be inspired to make a few new cocktails and bring a few new bottles into our growing bar. Hello apply brandy and toasted pecan bitters!

THREE: When MK posted this recently, it got me thinking about our Thanksgiving table. I’m usually more into the menu but we keep it pretty traditional there so isn’t much to even think about so I switched gears. I love the look of this earthy dinner party I found on Lonny. We do a Thanksgiving lunch so you wouldn’t get the same vibe, but I think we could use a similar concept with lots of greenery for a simple Thanksgiving lunch and then maybe add candles that evening for our turkey soup tradition!

FOUR: I know I always talk about my love for Clare V but today it’s not even really handbag related. One Kings Lane has Clare Vivier studio tour up right now and I I’m loving getting a glimpse into her workspace. It’s so cool to me to get a sneak peek into such a creative workplace. My day to day work is a little more bland(that’s a nice way of saying cube filled) so it’s hard for me to picture this pretty place being someone’s actual place of work, how cool!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

- Heath

the PERFECT STACK | Christina Jervey

Today we have another addition of The Perfect Stack with Christina Jervey. We've featured her work on the blog multiple times so I'm sure you already know we're big fans! Today she shared a few thoughts on stacking in general and a few of her favorites, take a look...

We asked Christina what's "the perfect stack" to you?

Christina: In general stacking is all about finding a balance, and mixing and matching.  You want the rings to complement one another and not compete.  Often times, it's the negative space that is created that adds the most interest.  I like to mix metals, textures, and add pops of color when stacking rings.

I love her comment on negative space, I've never really thought of that but it's so true! The perfect stack (of any jewels) definitely requires perfect spacing. A lightbulb went off in my head when she explained that. Also I have an antique ruby ring from my mom's mother I love wearing it and thinking of her but it's not really a setting I love.  I'm thinking the stones may be just the size to set in an organic gold band similar to those above. It would just be so pretty with the tiny gold band I wear on my right hand daily!

Thanks for sharing with us Christina.

- Heath

all images from Christina Jervey 

Easy Airfare Trick

Guys I read something the other day that I have to pass along.  The entire article was talking about ways to score deals on the cheapest airfares.  Most of the suggestions are things you've heard before, but one thing really jumped out at me.  It basically said that you have to clear your internet "cookies" and start fresh to look for the best prices.  Or, hop on a different computer, sign in "incognito" (don't know what that means or how to do it, but the article said so) because airlines track your searches.  When it sees over and over again that you want to go to Barcelona, it knows you're going to pay anything to go to Barcelona and it will never give you unbelievable deal.  Crazy right?  And I believe it.

Easy Evenings | Anna Watson Carl

You guys may remember we kicked off a new series last month - Easy Evenings - all about, just as the name implies, easy evenings with family and friends.  Evenings that are more about good friends, good conversations, lots of drinks, and yummy food.  Evenings that aren't necessarily about perfectly set dinner tables.  Today's we're sharing what an easy evening looks like to Anna Watson Carl, the voice behind The Yellow Table.  If you aren't familiar with Anna and her work, she's pretty much the perfect cheerleader for easy evenings.  She makes whipping up simple, satisfying meals for friends look easy, and she makes these types of evenings seem doable and worth it.  Heath and I pretty much had to pinch ourselves when Anna agreed to chat with us, and we can't wait to share what she had to say below!  (Details on her new cookbook below too!)

Around Here

tacos and margs at Bakersfield | little cutie | roasting marshmallows by the fire during the TN game | BBQ festival | V's first bike ride | whole hog smoking at the BBQ festival | Sunday cornhole during the Panthers game | Virginia in her new helmet 

Happy Monday guys! Man the weekends go by way too fast. It was a really good one though so I can't complain.  Andy and I walked downtown through the BBQ festival on Friday night before deciding on dinner at our favorite spot instead. On Saturday we knocked out lots of errands before watching Tennessee lose in a pretty bad game Saturday night. We met friends to watch the panthers game on Sunday and again were SO disappointed in our team. What's going on with all our teams!?!

MK and family walked to Bakersfield for dinner on Friday and made s'mores on Saturday for the UT game. Virginia got a bicycle seat and helmet for her birthday and went for a spin this weekend for the first time. She loved it! She came by our house on Sunday and was definitely the cutest little biker I've ever seen!

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

- Heath

thoughts on French Five + MK's Picks

Happy Friday guys!  So excited we made it to the weekend!  I've got my picks for the my fall French Five below, and hope you've enjoyed seeing the picks of everyone this week.  It's been fun making a little fall list of a few things to add to the closet.  My picks plus sources below....

the French Five | Sara Mueller

Next up in our French Five, the selections of Sara Mueller of A Dose of Pretty.  Her blog does just that, provides a nice little dose of pretty things.  Whether it's simple photos from her weeks around town, travels or style Sara's photos are gorgeous!