LaRoque Mini Trunk Show

I know we've mentioned it a few times but we had so much fun with Annabelle and Dominique at the LaRoque mini trunk show. Thank you to everyone who came out to join us! We loved meeting everyone, seeing new and old friends and had so much fun showing off Annabelle's hard work!

Below I'm sharing a few snapshots from the show if you'd like to see...

Everything was a huge hit and people really cleaned out almost everything Annabelle brought.  We are so happy for her. I'm sure everyone who made it will agree Annabelle is such a kind and hard working women, it's so cool to get a small glimpse of her success!

Thanks again for coming out and hope to see everyone soon!

- Heath and Mary Keller

PS it's also work mentioning that we got to meet Dominique's cute little girl, who is only 3 months old and was such a doll throughout the entire show - sleeping in a strangers' house and in her mommy's arms through lots of commotion! The sweetest!

Interiors Details | Decorating with Color

This weekend as we were setting up for the LaRoque mini trunk show we got to talking about interiors.  Annabelle was commenting on the color of MK's dining room (you can see it here) and how institutional her home was going to feel when she returned home.  (Although we know her home is probably gorgeous!)  She explained she has all white walls, trim and doors and after seeing MK's home with a green dining room, grass clothed guest room and the occasional black door that her home felt too white.  I knew exactly what she meant but it's such a tricky in between don't you think?

I've never seen Annabelle's home but I know it's gorgeous based on her designs and taste I've seen so far.  But it got me thinking about how I use color in my home, or really for me there's a serious lack of color! Right now it feels right though, it feels comfortable for now. 

How much color do you use in your home? I'm not really into white so my home is more neutrals at this point but I'm so curious what I'll do with a future home that I spend a little more time/money decorating!

- Heath

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Brand love | Geoflora Jewelry

You guys I found the coolest local Charlotte jewelry brand, Geoflora!  Made by two identical twin sisters Ellen and Margaret Hinrichs, right here in North Carolina.  Their focus is on mixed media paired with traditional metalsmithing techniques.  I also love how they each have their own style and pieces. Their Etsy profile explains that "Margaret references specific plants and flora to create new, fresh, organically rooted jewelry. Ellen plays with angles and patterns along with some custom jewelry styles to create a modern take on classics."  Together their unique styles create one really cool line.  This, this and this are my favorites! But check out their entire line here.

- Heath

Around Here

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Happy Monday guys!  This weekend was a good one but it really flew by!  Friday night we met friends at Dinner Lab.  It was a really fun night with friends, and a really cool location.  Saturday morning we met friends for a book club brunch.  We don't typically do that so it was fun to switch things up. 
Sunday was dedicated to the LaRoque Mini trunk show, and Annabelle (the owner and designer) brought up the cutest stuff!  Seriously I wanted everything for Virginia.  I LOVE her cute line because it's all very traditional cuts and styles for kids (I like kids to look like kids, not grown ups!) but she uses fabrics that are vintage or vintage inspired.  So fun, the good stuff was really going fast, but I finally grabbed Virginia the cute peacock and octopus top above before they were gone too.  (and this morning I'm kicking myself for being a "good" host and letting the guests buy all of the adorable origami dresses without me grabbing one.  They were the cutest!)  Overall it was a really fun day with friends, and Virginia popped in and out of the show loving the attention!
Have a good week guys!  this week is a short week for us.  We have our family ski trip coming up and we can. not. wait!!
~Mary Keller

Friday Findings

Happy Friday guys! Hope everyone had a good week and stayed warm/safe if you're in the middle of the winter storm! I'm really looking forward to this weekend, we have a lot going on! We're going to dinner lab tonight and all our friends that are members are going to be able to attend so it should be a good time. Tomorrow we have book club brunch at a friends house which is always a good time. Then on Sunday we have the LaqRoque mini trunk show. Busy busy but so fun!

A few findings from the week...

ONE: Found this sausage and mushroom risotto on Joy the Baker's round up of her favorite winter recipes.  It looks so warm and hearty!  Made me realize I need to get all my cold weather meals in while winter is still around so I'm going to use Joy's list to kick start a little list of my own.  Any favorite's I should add to my list?

TWO: If you've been looking for that perfect piece of art for that one space on your wall you're in luck!  I bookmarked Emily Henderson's seriously comprehensive round up of art resources on her blog this week.  It's such a great list and includes every style of art I can think of - check it out!

THREE: Did you guys see this pretty blue swirl vase on Furbish studio's Instagram?  It definitely caught my eye!  A vase I use all the time just had a little accident and it's no longer with us so I've been on the look out for a replacement.  This one seems like the perfect size to fit a standard flower bouquet and add some interest to a room when it's empty too.

FOUR: Biscuit home just released their new line of bedding and it's gorgeous!  I particularly love the deep colors in this abstract floral.  Check out the entire collection of bedding old and new here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

- Heath

PS Be sure to stop by on Sunday for the LaRoque mini trunk show and feel free to email us with any questions.

Master Bedroom Overhaul Part II

Heath mentioned that we made progress on our master bedroom renovation this past weekend and we really did!  We had the bedroom painted that pale blue I had been admiring, and I got just about every other major component for the room on order.  I found this fabric to use for drapes and pretty much used it as my starting point for everything else.

I always love crisp white bedding in bedrooms, and Horchow is always running good sales.  My mom bookmarked this bedding for me months ago, and I loved the feminine scallop.  For lamps I'm using sconce lights, and I'm hoping to switch out the shades to something pleated.  I love how a pleated shade looks all lit up, and I'm hoping that these sconce lamps are just what I need to get back on track with lots of bedtime reading.  (I'm blaming my terrible bedroom for my lack of book club participation lately.) 

I'm a little more torn on the rug direction.  J.D. would like something more "plush" (pretty much non-sisal) but wool carpets can get pricey really quickly, plus I think I'm liking the warmth that a neutral sisal gives colorwise.  This option from Dash & Albert is always a favorite, but it's popular and we've already used it in Virginia's room in blue. 

So!  Lots of fun stuff and we're moving right along.  I've never "decorated" a room like this.  I'm always slow and methodical, but for some reason I'm just quickly going with my gut and moving along with this project.  (J.D.'s probably cringing imagining me changing my mind later! :)  Not pictured is a new/old wood chest that we desperately need so J.D. can quit using the Rubbermaid.  I think that it will visually be a big help too - the wood will add warmth.

So, next to add is one more lamp, a few new picture frames and accessories, possibly art, and if anyone has rug suggestions or a vote I'd love to hear!

~Mary Keller

p.s. before pictures here

Bedding | Scones | Rattan Bedside Table | Picture Frames | Fabric | Rug and another Rug

Instagram Love

Hi guys! Meg and Victoria are hosting a fun newish monthly link up.  Each month we'll be answering the questions they have posted and link to other bloggers participating as well.  So here it goes...


ONE  - I'm sure this one is no surprise for long time readers. We're both very much obsessed with Clare Vivier.  Her feed, @clarevivier, is full of more than bags though - it's a lot of behind the scenes, inspiration, travel, family and lovely day to day life. Bonus -  for all your bag dreams be sure to follow @shopclarev!

TWO  - We've mentioned Olivia's blog, Lacquered Life, a few times in previous posts. We both love love her style and even more her passion for preservation. Her feed, @lacqueredlife, is choked full of photos of her gorgeous home, day to day pictures around town in Charleston (our favorite!) and various preservation work. 

THREE - We've been following @sarahkatestudios long before her brilliant shop opened but that hasn't slowed her down at all. Sarah is a talented stylist and her photos are proof of that talent and her amazing taste in all things home and entertaining.

Here's everyone else that's participating. Be sure to swing by their blogs to check out who they love following on Instagram.

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Let us know what you think. We'd love to hear about anyone you follow that you're loving!

- Heath and Mary keller

PS I hate we missed last month's, most invaluable purchase within the last year - such a good question! You can find their answers here with links to everyone else too.