Perfect Parties | Bastille Day

So Tara Guerard's Bastille Day Party that was just featured in Lonny definitely goes on the list of parties of my dreams.  Perfect Charleston garden location, adorable little baguettes at every place settings, celebratory sparklers at send off, and delicious looking cocktails.  Seriously, if you didn't see it, it was absolutely stunning.

Around Here

book club shrimp and lemon pasta dinner | fig, arugula and goat cheese Friday night pizza | Virginia loving fresh summer watermelon | perfect Saturday night cookout dinner | childhood friends reunited with our sweet babies | enjoying wine by the fire once those sweet babies finally went to bed | Virginia snacking on pancakes in her pjs | best ever coconut and raspberry walnut pancakes

Happy Monday guys, hope you enjoyed your weekend...

Happy Friday

Happy summer Friday everyone!  So excited the weekend is just about finally here!  We had book club at Heath's last night so I'm dragging a little bit today and I'm ready for the weekend to officially begin.  Tonight, per usual Friday night tradition, J.D.'s going to make homemade pizza (think we're going to try fig, goat cheese and arugula for toppings) and we're just going to sip wine and relax.  Heath may stop by for a little Virginia squeeze because it's been too long.

Tomorrow, we're going to visit my bff from growing up.  Our high school gang is all getting together for a pool party/burgers on the grill/slumber party and it should be so much fun.  5 of us friends are going to make it and we'll have 7 babies total plus another baby on the way!  Should be super fun, you know, in a totally exhausting kind of way. :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
~Mary Keller

p.s. Heath's pics from Boston have me really wanting to go.  I can't believe I've never been!

Slim Aarons photo via Bougeotte

Photo Diary | Boston

Last Thursday I flew to Boston to meet my girlfriends from college. Like MK mentioned here, we're a very close group and try to do a trip every year. The past few years have been a little different with weddings and bachelorette parties but this year we reverted back to our old ways and picked a city, a weekend and booked it. I'm so glad we landed on Boston too because it was so wonderful! I've included some pictures and a recap below if you're interested...warning it's a long one.

Backyard Garage Before & Afters

We have some fun before and "after" photos from the backyard garage/shed renovation to share today!  We're sharing them on 702 Park Project today so stop by and take a look!!  If you aren't familiar with 702 Park Project, Sarah's blog documents the renovation of their amazing (and huge!!) historic home.  I cannot imagine how wonderful this home will be when they're finished.

I say "after" regarding the photos of our garage/fireplace renovation, because is any project ever really done?  These are the after shots for now!  These are basic quick pics with no styling, and these also show that obviously there is no landscaping (or even grass) out back right now.  Also, you'll notice the new back gate hasn't been installed or the new fence.  We have some landscaping plans, but they won't happen until the temps cool down in the fall.  I'll be sure to take lots of pretty pics too because I think that's when things will really start to look good. 

Anyway, hope you head over and enjoy!  Last thing - I'd love to hear, do you vote to paint the brick fireplace or leave it as is?  Our original plan called for painting the fireplace, but now we're a little on the fence.  Good news is we cannot paint the brick until it settles for a few months so we have some time to think on it.  I'd love to hear your vote.  See you at 702 Park Project in a bit!

~Mary Keller

Lou & Grey

Are you guys familiar with this new-to-me brand, Lou & Grey, offered at Loft?  I'm just now discovering it and I think I'm really going to love it.  From Lou & Grey "The Loft lounge collection has evolved into an edited line of easy, texture-rich pieces for your everyday."  Everything in the line seems so practical and wearable, with just the right amount of elegance and design.  The price points seem realistic too, especially as it seems like every other brand it getting just crazy expensive.  Sweaters for $50, dresses for $50 and up, cute tees and shorts.  Since having Virginia I've gotten a lot more casual but still like to look "dressed"  and these are looking more my speed.  (Plus, I'm sure Heath loves that the line is primarily neutral.  She's a neutral with pretty jewelry and purse kinda girl.)  What do you think?

~Mary Keller

All images via Lou & Grey

Around Here

Happy Monday guys!  Did you all have a good weekend?  Heath went to Boston with her 3 best friends, and although I haven't talked to her, from the looks of the few pictures she sent, it looks like they had a really good time.  Seafood, drinks, shopping, and lots of walking with friends.  Looks perfect!

J.D., Virginia and I had a nice, lazy weekend.  Saturday Virginia helped me with lots of laundry - her laundry basket entertained her for approximately 2 minutes while I tried to fold as quickly as possible.  That evening we walked down the street to our neighbors for dinner.  They served (the best) fried chicken and watermelon, and we brought just simple sliced tomatoes and potato salad.  Really laid back, fun evening with friends.  Sunday, we did random things around the house - we hung a cute hot air balloon in the corner of Virginia's room, and it makes Virginia and me both smile every time we walk by.  Perfect little addition.

Hope you all have a good week!  I'm headed to Raleigh today for work, and I'm going to try to sneak in a visit to Furbish during lunch while I'm there.  Fingers crossed!

~Mary Keller